Kitchen Therapy

Like I said, my name is Lisa.  I’m an American living in the Netherlands with my husband and two amazingly beautiful daughters.  How I got to Europe is a well worn story.  I blame my work.  As an international IT professional, my manager asked me if I would be interested in a “9 month, all-expense paid trip to Europe”.  Me?  No husband, no kids at the time.  I couldn’t believe such an opportunity was presented to me.  Before I knew it, I was on the next plane to Amsterdam.  Fast forward to twelve years later.  I’m still here.  A house, a husband, and 2 kids richer.  

  Living in Europe has been a great opportunity for me but it also has heartbreaking drawbacks.  As I reach middle age, I find myself struggling with the many issues that many my age do.  Issues like the guilt you feel when having to choose between caring for aging parents and raising children, and desperately trying to change a career while simultaneously being our family’s main source of income.  Undertakings like these are difficult even when close to the support system of your family.  I find them nearly impossible from 3500 miles away. Like many people, I escape to my kitchen when I need to make sense of life.  Lately, I spend nearly all my free time there.  Sometimes I feel alone in this but I just know there are other people out there wrestling with the same thing.  I am using this blog not only for my own personal therapy but maybe also serve as some resource for others in the same position. 

 Over the course of this blog, I would like to share the ups and downs of life abroad, changing my career and steaming my way through midlife crisis.  And, of course, share some home made kitchen therapy too.

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